We Design & Build the Future of Vehicle Security System for Moto and Powersports Inustry


GBH Israel is strives to provide to our customers the most professional and personal service. The service is efficient in a nationwide that ensures that the company's customers enjoy the best service.


We do quality control to our products strictly throughout the entire manufacturing process, from IQC Designs and PQC Unique FQ, quality components are a guarantee of the quality of our products.


The company operates on the values of new technology, new ideas, experience and overall systemic perception of the development market in Israel and worldwide.

Standards Institute

All of the company's products have an Israeli standard, a contracting office and the Ministry of Transport. The products meet the standards of laboratories abroad.


GBH Israel is a professional company engaged in development and marketing motorcycle protection products.

 The company was founded in 2007 with a strong desire to eradicate the phenomenon of theft in Israel and abroad.


Establish a global network spread across all motorcycle stores in the world.

Our vision is that the GBH system will be installed at the time of the motorcycle manufacture directly through the motorcycle manufacturers

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