אזעקה לאופנוע

Intelligent Diagnostics Solution

Driver Behavior , Fleet Management & Anti-theft system

Intelligence is all about processing multi-source data to achieve effective results. This is the Teel -CAN in a 100% waterproof casing.

With the advanced multi-source data analytics delivered by the Teel -CAN, your business intelligence is reinforced and operating costs are reduced, largely of time in finding fault, reduced warranty expenses, improved driving habits, and optimized maintenance processes.

The Teel -CAN is a  fleet  management  solution, utilizing  a smart  algorithm  to combine data from various vehicle  environment  interfaces. These interfaces  include standard CANBUS and OBD, driver identification, serial  communication  with third party devices, discrete, analog and frequency measurement ports, voice channel, and others. All of which are designed and configured for maximum flexibility with CAN data aggregation, filtering, processing and event triggering.

Very often we spend valuable time searching

and understanding errors caused

by our clients behavior or malfunctioned part.

Many times we dream about what if we could just seat back

and remotely Troubleshoot those errors.

Your time and effort is valuable and worth money.

With our system We can give you the ability

to receive all the information from the vehicle and be able to

troubleshoot errors remotely


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